Lowering Drilling Costs with 3D Seismic

Some Seismic Basics for a 3D seismic shoot on land. Sound waves are generated at the surface of the ground. When the sound travels through the ground the waves are reflected off the subsurface layers and return to an array of receivers. These receivers are set strategically in numerous areas around on the surface to collect the data. This data is combined and processed to create an approximate image of the layers of rock below the surface.

Investing in 3D Seismic Limited Partnerships

Most Oil and Gas Prospect Investors are not aware of how some 3D seismic LP shoots are structured. Limited Partners at Energy LP know how this works. Typically 3-D seismic is very expensive. This can be cost effective per acre when doing a much larger shoot. There are a number of opportunities to get involved, on a ground floor opportunity, through Seismic plays. In most cases the risk in investment is much less as long as drilling locations have been determined from the shoot.

Green Stuff Reducing the risk, even more, is that many times these shoots are done over producing leases. These are productive leases that require more information on the best possible locations to drill on these leases. These locations determined are then classified in a number of potential grade levels from -A- to Grade -C- locations. Companies like Energy LP Corp are allowing partners to collectively put money on these 3-d Ventures giving their Partners a more well rounded opportunity in the Energy Equity realm. Learn More.

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